14 Strategy Way In Assisting Your Kid With Homework

Assisting your kid with homework from school can be frustrating for many parents,
when it comes to helping little children with homework, they run out of patience.

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Most young kids find it difficult to sit still, focus or concentrate especially
when they come across a new or difficult topic.

As a parent, you must learn to be patient with your kid while assisting in doing
homework, so you do not scare him/her. Here are some helpful strategies to prevent

Strategies in assisting your kids

(1) Deal with your impatience

Impatience usually struck in when assisting your kid with his or her homework. If
you find yourself in this situation, then you should quickly draw a technique that
will help turn down the heat at that moment before you get irritated with your kids.

(2) Counting

The technique of counting 1-10 will give you time to bring oxygen into your brain
and to reactivate the thinking part of your brain.

(3) Take a deep breath

Taking a deep breath to calm down your impatience will help you to be relaxed and
be more in control. You can do this exercise at any place and at any time.

(4) During Tantrum

Stay quiet and relax when your kid is having a tantrum. It will help your kid calm
down sooner. Most kids go into tantrums when they are facing a difficult subject or
do not want to attempt the homework.

(5) Schedule in breaks

Schedule in breaks after school for homework. It may not be a good idea for kids
to resume with homework after a long day of school. It may be a good idea to let
your kid do some physical activity before beginning their homework.

(6) Get occupied with a work task

Try to do some work of your own for good attention and concentration to keep the
environment calm because both of you will be occupied with a task.

(7) Have a homework plan

Setting up and maintaining a homework routine is one of the best ways to avoid
frustration for parents and unmotivated kids. Set out the time you and your child will
concentrate the best.

(8) Establish a routine

Let your kid know that homework is a priority with ground rules like setting a
regular time and place for homework to be done.

(9) Choose a non-distraction place

Homework for kids requires a lot of guidance, choose a suitable place for your kids
while assisting him or her to do her homework.

Avoid snacking during homework time, avoid tv and toys, tell family members to stay
clear during homework time.

(10) Be a good example

Kids are more likely to do as they see their parents do. Do your kids see you read
a book? Engage in book reading to encourage your kid. Device a means to read a book
if you do not.

(11) Know your kid’s teacher

Get to meet with your kid’s teacher and ask about their policy on how you should be
involved in assisting your kid.

(12) Praise their work and effort

Be generous with your praise and make sure you recognize their effort. In fact,
positive support will also reflect in the quality of their homework and will make
your child realizes that no matter how hard the task is, they can do it.

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(13) Encourage your kid to improve

Giving your kids frequent encouragement and making notes of all their improvements,
rather than their mistakes will be sure to help you have more patience.

(14) Get help

If you are struggling in assisting your kid to do homework, and you think your kid
needs extra support, get a private tutor. Even if it is once a week.


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